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Free Shipping Over $69 within the US

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Roll Baby RollRoll Baby Roll
Roll Baby RollRoll On Sex Oil with CBD + CBG + Beefused Honey$19.69ADD TO CART
Going DownGoing Down
Going DownOral Sex Elixir with CBD + CBG + BeeFused Honey$19.69ADD TO CART
Start Me UpStart Me Up
Start Me UpLickable Glide with CBG + BeeFused Honey$29.69ADD TO CART
UnpluggedPremium Silicone Lubricant - 1oz Travel Size$9.69ADD TO CART
Groove GreaseGroove Grease
Groove GreaseMassage Oil Candle with CBD + CBG + BeeFused Honey$39.69ADD TO CART
Love Me TooLove Me Too
Love Me TooSensual Moisturizer with BeeFused Honey$39.69ADD TO CART
Bee Wild Tantric HoneyBee Wild Tantric Honey
Bee Wild Tantric HoneyTantric Honey with BeeFused Honey + Aphrodisiac Herbs$49.69ADD TO CART
EuphoriaCeremonial Mushroom Cocao for Two$19.69ADD TO CART
WetDry Mouth Lozenges - 15 individually wrapped pieces$9.69ADD TO CART
The CBD Solution: SexThe CBD Solution: Sex
The CBD Solution: SexHow cannabinoids can change your sex life. Chronicle Publishing - Merry Jane$19.69ADD TO CART

our secret sauce: cannabinoids


BeeFused Honey

CBG, "the mother of all cannabinoids" is the powerful precursor to THC.


Our natural process allows bees to feed on hemp plants and produce raw honey with highly bioavailable cannabinoids.

Entourage Effect

CBD is the most researched phytocannabinoid and can support overall wellbeing.

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